How To Be A Balla- By Darnell D

Treat the game like its an woman it has many curves and obstacles to get around before you can master the game. Never brag about your skills you have cause there always going to be some brotha who just going to bomb your ass on the court to shut you up.  Let your Dogs talk the shit for you about your skills that way if you loose it’s their asses who have to take the shit.  Don’t talk shit about being the greatest unless you made the senior team when you were a freshman.  Perfect your own move that can stunt a playa every time you use it, name it whatever but make to sure to put the word “The” in front of the move that way it has more credibility.  Let it only come out no more 3 times in one session and never let it come 2 in a game that way no one will ever be able to stop it.  Once you master the game and become a Balla buy your self some Michael Jordans shoes and welcome yourself to the Elite Balla’s.




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