How To Be A Gangsta- By Darnell D

The key to being a Gangsta is picking the right gang for you. I say if you got many of the colors of the gang already mind as well join them since you won’t have to buy more clothing later.  The weapon of choice is an AK47 but always make sure you have a pistol handy incase of gang confrontation when you might need to pop a cap in someone ass really fast. Use the AK47 only on drive bys and police shoots outs. Being in a gang today is easier then before no more fighting with your fists where you could get beat up and hurt. Gangs nowadays use guns less of mess and easier to use then your fists.  You have two choices when being in a gang do you want to be a fat guy who everyone calls Heavy D or you want to be the ripped tuff guy who people call G-Dog.  I say if your not too motivated working out then become Heavy D you then need to eat yourself until you’re a fat ass.  Always drink at least three 40oz before getting initiated into your gang, beating can be hell for the first 3 min if you want try taking half of a horse tranquillizer before getting the beat down. Always remember to f@#$ the police no matter where you go.



Copyright 2001: Straight Outta Compton Organization