How To Have A Gangsta Party- By Darnell D

Gangsta parties arenít easy things to throw. First things first you need to have a crib to throw it at.  Preferably not a crack house cause they seem to get raided easily by the popos.  A perfect place would be on a abandon street in a pretty big house with bedrooms and a huge living room . Second itís all about the music get a good DJ with a cool name like Jazzy Geoff or someone who can spin like whoa. Always start the party with the song Gangsta party it will get people in the mood. Third have plenty of food for the people chill' in in the Green room. Always have at least two fridges stocked with 40oz of St ides or Old English in it. Fourth make sure to put your top big dog at the door to make sure no trouble comes in but all the thugluv comes in. You donít neede any gang trouble so always equip yourself with at least a Ak-47. Last but not least you need the Honnies go promote your party at hoochie clubs days before. And last Enjoy yourself and let the thugluv roll.



Copyright 2001: Straight Outta Compton Organization