How to play Ghetto Golf- By Jazzy Geoff

The key to playing ghetto golf is never paying for greens fees if you do, you aren’t playing ghetto golf. Wear your best clothing when golfing that way there would be less of a chance of you getting kicked off if you look like you have business being there. Wear what you wore for your homies funerals who got capped in the ass last month. Never buy clubs just “borrow“ them from someone eating at the club house, you can pick some real good ones there too look for names like Ping, Taylor made or Callaway. Then when your done golfing pawn them for some quick cash money.  Never replace divides always create them and create more then you need that way the ground keeper has something to do. When teeing off always aim at the group in front of you if they get mad you might get in a broke ass gangsta fight.  If you get into trouble just you use your borrowed clubs. And remember always drink lots of 40 oz when playing ghetto golf and throw the empty bottles on the ground but make sure there smashed first that way you might cut someone real good.


Copyright 2001: Straight Outta Compton Organization