How to make a Gangsta Porno- By Jazzy Geoff

Gangsta Porno aren't widely seen by the general public they are kept quiet within the gangsta community. In order to see one you need to be a top dog in the gang or be in it.  There are usually filmed on low end stolen video cameras with the dirtiest of them hose. Who have earth shaking booty and belly full of 40oz so it's no pretty sight.  For your porno which would be "Bling Bling" you would want to use a high quality 8mm camera with a surround sound mike so you can catch every rattle, shake and scworm from the room. Next is casting, remember these two test in order to get pieces of Ace. First test if you can stick a cucumber between her rear cheeks and you can't find it then her ass is just way to fat. Second test is the golf ball test if you can insert a golf ball into her belly button and it gets lost in there, then you know this girl has been riding the gravy train way too long. Don't cast them for sure if they fail one of these tests. Cast girls that look like J Low or Lil' Kim but make sure they that gangsta gangsta look to back them up. Preferably film in a crack house but make sure your cast and crew don't get into the crack or you'll end up with a unreleased Carrot top movie. And last but not least always remember to include lots of nutting no matter how many you put in there's never enough nutting that can be done.


Copyright 2001: Straight Outta Compton Organization