How to throw a Gangsta BBQ- By Jazzy Geoff

To start a gangsta BBQ it's all about location location location pick a spot by a beach with at least two volleyball courts and plenty of barbeques to cook on. The first step is to get as much chicken as possible always by more then you need you can never have enough chicken and bring a deep fryer for the thugs who want some fried chicken cause you don't want to run to KFC every five minutes when some young brother wants some fried chicken. Second step is all about the music if your not too sure want to play, play nothin but a G thang and just repeat it for the whole party you can't get bored of the song it's just way to good. Then you need lots of 40oz bring at least five coolers full of 40oz and don't forget coleslaw. Last thing you need is woman have the requirements to get in be you must wear a thong and top 2 size two small. If you get lost making this gangsta BBQ just refer to the highly acclaimed gangsta video Nothin but a G thang to help you out in your time of need.  Have fun and Crack them 40oz up. 


Copyright 2001: Straight Outta Compton Organization