How to start a Gangsta Punk Band- By Blink 187

Gangsta punk music is one of the rarest forms of gangsta music going around today. To start a gangsta punk band you must decide two things first. You want a three gang band or a four gang band you can break it down like this three equals more pootang all around four equals you don't need to play as much to sound good. Second everyone knows the bass player is usually the so called "bitch" of the group so make sure he's a big guy so he can fend for himself or he can be a small guy as long as he's cocky as hell and his mom tells him daily that he's Gods gift to woman. Third you'll need a drummer that's ghetto as hell maybe look for one like the drummer from Kid rock. Fourth you'll need a lead guitarist and maybe a rhythm guitarist but always remember to obtain maximum pootang keep the band as small as possible so if you can kick someone out and replace them with a sac of 50 pounds of potatoes and a beat machine for their instrument by all means do so.  Hooray for you more booty to you. The easiest way to start is to become a tribute band that way you don't have to make a songs or pick your clothes you just use theirs. Remember your only practices are at your shows that way you can do ghetto stuff in the mean time. Never buy your instruments just steal them from the band playing before you then smash then after your set or pawn them depending on your mood of that day. Always remember to act ghetto so carry a Ak-47 and don't be afraid to use it if people start leaving your set.


Copyright 2001: Straight Outta Compton Organization