About Darnell D

It all started when I Jazzy Geoff met Darnell D at Universal Studios in Florida you may ask yourself how would a person Straight Outta Compton afford to go to Florida I sure did, well his grandma won a scratch and win ticket which sent them to Universal.  I was wearing a Straight Outta Compton t-shirt I hand made with spray paint it didn't look so good when Darnell D came up to me and said Hey Matha F#$%er you making fun of my crib I was like shit your from there? man I'm not making fun of it I wish I lived there. And that's when we started talking about Compton and I told him about this Organization I wanted to make for people who feel their Straight Outta Compton and he sounded very interested.  He asked me if he could help me in any way and I said sure you could reply to e-mails members send that would make they organization real. Then he asked what e-mails were after talking to him for about 15 min about e-mail and the internet and told him his school or library probably had the internet as long as the computers weren't stolen he finally caught on.   He said sure heel do it but only a couple that's when I said we would need to do at least a couple a week every week that's when he said I'm not going to school to sit in front of a computer and look like a fool I could be making money on the streets that's when I said all give you a couple a bucks each time a new member signs up that could buy you some St. Iles mault liquor he was like ok after some convincing.  So that's the story of Darnell D.  


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