How To Be... Columns (Samples of Columns)
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How To Be A Balla- By Darnell D (Sample of Column)

"Treat the game like its an woman it has many curves and obstacles to get around before you can master the game"

How To Be A Gangsta- By Darnell D (Sample of Column)

"The key to being a Gangsta is picking the right gang for you. I say if you got many of the colors of the gang already mind as well join them since you wonít have to buy more clothing later.  You have two choices when being in a gang do you want to be a fat guy who everyone calls Heavy D or you want to be the ripped tuff guy who people call G-Dog.  I say if your not too motivated working out then become Heavy D you then need to eat yourself until youíre a fat ass."

How To Be A Playa-  By Jonny Thunder (Sample of Column)

"First off donít wear too many dark clothes cause some of them honeys will think you into that devil worshiping shit which ainít cool. Always wear light clothes unless youíre at a funeral of one of your homies who was gunned down."

How To Drink 40oz- By Darnell D (Coming Next Month)


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