How To Be A Playa- By Jonny Thunder

The key to being a playa in the hood (can also use this theory in the suburbs) is all about attitude.  If you donít got it youíll never have game.  Always act real smooth around those ladies like your not interested in them but give them enough signs to tell them that your still interested in them like your some hardcore mofo to get. A huge key to being a playa is how you dress no matter how butt ugly of a mofo you are the way you dress can make you playa in no time at all.  First off donít wear too many dark clothes cause them some of the honeys will think you into that devil worshiping shit which ainít cool. Always wear light clothes unless youíre at a funeral of one of your homies who was gunned down. Try to keep it to beige paints and a nice top never a t-shirt unless you have your balling clothes on then thatís acceptable.  Never wear Gold it ainít cool no more, get platinum itís phat but if you can lay down the Gís for it get silver itís for real. Also for clothing, jump suits are tight as hell right now, go for a jean type or sweat suit type make sure to get the sweat suit only in beige or Ecko red. Never wear fruity cologne cause if you do she may think youíre a fruit too. Try to stick with Polo or Tommy you canít go wrong with them.  The hardest thing to do, to be a playa is keeping your snickers white always keep them white if the girl knows you can keep them white then she knows youíll treat her right.  Always make sure you have the latest K-Swiss shoes if you donít make sure to get them cause if you donít sheíll know you ainít got the Gís. Get a backup pair incase the firsts get dirty so that you donít have to waist time cleaning them before going out in public, remember never to go out into public with dirty shoes. Always keep your facial hair tidy never grow an full beard always leave the neck and moustache area off make sure you shave it daily so that you have nice straight lines around your beard. If you want to be a G-Dog make the side burns skinny so that it comes down to goatee all nice and thick. One of the biggest secret weapons is the hard candy ďCampinoĒ this can make a girl go crazy for yeah in minutes try to stick to strawberry or lemon.  Once they get an smell of this youíll be in there under paints before you can say the word ďCampinoĒ



Copyright 2001: Straight Outta Compton Organization